Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shutter Speed

Hi all!
Nearly done with that paper, should have it done by tomorrow morning.

Tonight's photography tip is about shutter speed. First off, to take a correct exposure, you must have the right balance between aperture and shutter speed. The general rule is that the higher the aperture (low f-stop), the more light is being let into the lens, allowing for a fast shutter speed. While a low aperture (high f-stop), makes for a slower shutter speed. (Remember, all these "speeds" are relative; a fast shutter speed might be considered 1/250 of a second, where a slow shutter speed may be 1 second).

The photo I have up tonight is a perfect example of a slow shutter speed and a low aperture. It was taken at ISO 100, f11, and 30s. Hope you like it! If you want more information on night photography, let me know!

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