Monday, May 10, 2010

Nice Weekend

Hi All
I had a nice weekend. I was able to go see Iron Man 2 with my Dad for his birthday. Then for Mother's day, I made my mom some breakfast, we went for a hike, and helped weed the yard. Also on Sunday, Stephanie and I had the privilege of seeing David Sedaris at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. Overall, I had a nice weekend.

Mr. Sedaris as well as other humorist/realist writers have inspired me to write. Yet I never felt like I had the natural talent to do so. All I can think to do is to practice, and perhaps take it one step at a time. So from time to time I plan on sharing a short story with you all.

Here's a nice picture for you on this rainy Monday.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The March

Hi All!
Was able to shoot some Graduation photos for my friend today. The pictures turned out great. I'll post one tomorrow with the normal picture.

I'm definitely looking forward to a nice weekend starting tomorrow. Friday is my Dad's birthday and Sunday is Mothers day. Plus, I have the opportunity to see my favorite author David Sedaris with my lovely girlfriend on Sunday as well.

Here's tonight's picture from the Tulip festival. Going to try and get something new to post over the weekend.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Always Sunny In Ellensburg

Hi All!
Well the test went well for those who are interested. Should have my grade in by Thursday hopefully.

(I probably should try and formulate something to say in advance before writing my blog. But since only a few people read this, I don't feel that bad about it. It's kinda like how NPR jokes about how no one listens to their shows.)

Enjoy tonight's picture!

Monday, May 3, 2010

We're Back Again

Hi All!
More and more it is looking like I've been missing post days.
It's harder than it looks to remember to post a blog everyday.

Tomorrow I have a big Finance test. I feel better prepared this quarter than I did when I was taking my Finance 370 class, but at the same time I realize the vast amount of knowledge I need to know. So ultimately, I guess whatever happens, happens. What I need to do is take my time, and pay attention to the details.

Here's a nice picture from the Tulip festival. Enjoy!