Monday, March 1, 2010

A New Week

Hi all!
Well I think I will start the week off with some basic photography information.

Properly exposing your pictures is the number one most important thing to do in photography.
Most digital cameras now have automatic settings to do this for you. But if you wish to make your photographs stand out, then you need to know when to use the correct settings.
The two settings that are mainly used in properly exposing a picture is the aperture and the shutter speed. The aperture is how open the lens is to letting in light. An example of this you eye, it dilates in dark places to allow more light to enter. The shutter speed is how fast the mirror of your camera stays open to allow light in. Combining these two elements together properly will give you what is considered a properly exposed photograph.

Tomorrow I will go into more detail on the different "looks" you can get from changing both the aperture and shutter speeds.

Today's photo is an example of what you can do with a 'relatively' slow shutter speed. I call it the Ghost Flag. Hope you like it!

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