Thursday, August 19, 2010

Concerned Citizen

Hi All

I love politics, yet I try and not impose my thoughts on the subject that often.
The New York mosque controversy has me worried though. We are a country that is built of different cultures and religions, yet far too often we would rather disassociate from each other rather than embrace each other. Even though the argument can be made that if the 'controversial' mosque was built elsewhere it would not receive as much attention, they still have the right to build it because they are guaranteed that right under the Constitution. My next point is that although 'Islmaphobes'believe that Muslims represent what caused 9/11, they are in fact not the cause. Extremism is the cause. All religions have extremists in their midst. Christianity for example have Neo-Nazi's as well as the KKK. Yet we do not punish all Christians for this. Just like we should not continue to punish Muslim-Americans and Muslims elsewhere in the world. What happened on 9/11 also was an attack on Islam itself, both in American and in the World. The events from that devastating day have caused people everywhere to stereotype all peoples of Arab descent as being terrorists. Plus, it has given past administrations the gumption to attack nations in the middle east, thus leading to the killings of hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims.
Ultimately I worry about the effects of the few they have on the many. Us, being the Human species, needs to begin to be more embracing of all people; and not allow the few extremists to run our lives, and ruin it for the rest of us.

Ok, now that my rant is over. Here is a nice picture to get your mind off of what I just talked about.

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