Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hi All!
Sorry for the inconsistent posts. A little stressed with two Finance tests coming up.

I'm thinking I need to expand my posts from just photography to many different topics. It'll allow me to add some more substance to my blogs.

On that note, corporate finance is definitely becoming less and less appealing to go into. I do enjoy personal finance, even though it tends to be less lucrative. But you have to do what you enjoy, cause I definitely do not like being stressed out, and that's what corporate finance does to me.

Here's tonight's picture from the Tulip festival.

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic picture, Michael :)

    Just keep on studying and I know you'll do great on your tests!

    As I mentioned earlier, I am glad that you have decided which finance path you prefer now rather than later down the road! You absolutely need to do what you enjoy in life. You become rich in experiences and the joy it brings...money does not bring happiness! (P.S. I don't like you being stressed out either :-P)