Monday, February 22, 2010


since the first blog says I wrote it on Monday, well, the idea was originally thought up on Sunday. So, today's blog is actually Monday's blog. :-P

That being said, I want to give credit to the people who have inspired me to start this blog. First shout out is to Trey Ratcliff, a wonderful photographer and leader in the style of HDR photography. Here is a link to his blog/website: StuckinCustoms

My second shout out is to my Mom, a wonderful artist is her own right. Her blog consists of daily poetry as well as great abstract traditional art. Here is the link to her blog: LaurieMiller'sArtisticLife

By next week, I plan on talking more about photography techniques and other interesting photography tid bits.

The picture I have up today is of a Rose on Music. I was inspired to do this picture when I found a rose in the garbage, and the idea to put it on some classical came to me. Hope you like it!

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  1. Nice Michael. Thanks for the kudos. It is a great motivator to post once a day isn't it. Kind of exciting.